My favourite place at home is the kitchen. Guess what, it is Bernie’s too. His best thing about it is finding the drawers filled with dishes he is allowed to play with. Kitchen is the heart of a home. Remember an organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. This applies even when you are not much of a cook. It saves time to know where to find things. Here are ten simple kitchen organization tips:

  1. Arrange spices and cans with titles facing out

    I can’t count the number of times I bought beef broth, only to discover I had two more packets. Thing is, when I moved in with babe, I never reorganized the apartment to match our growing family. All you need to do is to stack your spice and canned goods with titles facing out and with the same kinds on top of one another. This way you will know what you have on hand.

  2. Put cereal in sealed containers with pouring spouts

    Before I transferred my cereals and dry foods to sealed containers, I often found my kitchen counter cluttered with multiple boxes of cereals. I am not short on cabinet space. However, if you have more counter space, storage boxes occupy less space and look more beautiful. I store mine in the cabinet and they always look nicer, can be poured into a bowl more easily, will remain bug free and stay fresh longer.

  3. Keep cleaners and sponges in a tote under the sink

    I have to admit this came from babe. I wanna be like him when I grow up. He actually says he knows these things because he has been old for a long time. I am not even kidding. The cabinet under the sink is home to cleaners and vases. You don’t want to topple your vases while reaching for a slimy sponge. Instead, store kitchen cleaning supplies and sponges in a clear tote. Not only will they be easy to grab, they will also be clean when you are ready to use them.

  4. Place all pans on top of each other

    I use non stick pans. This means I have to be extra careful when stacking them. We therefore invested in simple cotton cloths from IKEA. This ensures the pans don’t scratch each other. Using vertical space allows you to fit more into your cabinets. Stack your pans with the biggest one on the bottom. Make sure the handles are facing out so you can easily grab them.

  5. Store cooking utensils in a crock

    Put all your spatulas,whisks,tongs,ladles and cooking spoons in a convenient crock on top of or next to the stove. Regardless of how your kitchen is set up, it doesn’t make sense to run back and forth for cooking utensils.

  6. Store all plastic containers inside one another and on the lowest drawer

    I prefer the lowest drawer as this will keep Bernie distracted from all the other drawers. If you do not have a toddler the you can store them wherever you best prefer. Storing them inside one another will save you so much space too.

  7. Store all tea bags together in one canister

    I drink different types to tea at different times of the day. It can be confusing especially when my husband is making me tea. I remove my different tea bags from the boxes and store in one canister which is placed in the cabinet right above the kettle. This is the same cabinet we store coffee. The tea and coffee mugs are on the shelf right above the tea shelf. Not only do we save space but also time when making tea or coffee.

  8. Put your plastic wrap,aluminium foil, wax paper and storage bags in one drawer

    If you store your storage and baking papers, in a drawer near your fridge or counter means you can easily take care of your left overs without breaking any rules. In addition I store my garbage bags here.

  9. Throw away old food from the fridge

    This may sound obvious but listen up; CLEAN YOUR REFRIGERATOR ON A REGULAR BASIS! My husband will laugh at this. In our house, he is in charge of this duty since the work of mum is to forget the obvious things. Once the fridge is clean, organize your food into groups. If you make an effort to do this every week it will be easier to keep it clean.

  10. Put all unused kitchen appliances in a pantry cabinet or sell to a recycle shop

    Since we are all trying to make an extra coin, selling your unused appliances could be your next big thing. I am serious by the way. In case you hold them dearly to let go, then you should keep them in your pantry to save on counter and kitchen space in general.

These are our top ten tips to keeping the heart of our home organized. Since we switched things up this summer, life is so much easier. I would like to thank my parents in law for keeping their kitchen so clean that they actually inspired us. If you have more share down below.


Nancy Njoka

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