Happy new year. Happy 2019 fam. What have you been up to? decluttering?Have you set your goals? What about that vision board?Anything you have changed this year? Your wardrobe? I haven’t done any of these either. Don’t feel alone. We are never alone. There is always someone else going through what you are. So relax and sail. Who sets these rules anyway? That our lives will be driven by ending of a year and beginning of another?

So 2019. In September of this year, I will have lived in this country for 4 years. Unbelievable. I had just come to visit him and here we are. A mom to two beautiful humans. Speaking of being a mom. My first two weeks of the new year have been tough in that sector. Suddenly I feel so fat and those people on my Instagram reminding me of how thick I have become,I see your judgments. You will be judged too. It has been too tough to think about weight. I have tried taking a couple of steps towards weight loss but failed miserably. It is work in progress though.

The first week was quite okay. We established a routine which I am going to share here in the near future. We were excited about a new beginning. Working out and eating healthy. Picking Bernie was also a bliss. A baby wrap on and everything went on smoothly. The first weekend I even Vlogged. The second week started off well. The routine continued up until Wednesday when Bernie fell sick. Things started going south. The climax was Friday. The lil missy joined the sick club with temperature of up to 39.5 degrees Celsius. I was shook. As I write this, my nose is running at the speed of lightning with a high fever as well.

Needless to say, husbae was not around in the evening. I was left with two sick and clingy humans. My patience was tested guys. The toughest moment was when Bernie woke up from his afternoon nap and suddenly he wouldn’t let go of me and Lil missy was crying desperately. I was missing out in the fest so I joined in. We all cried as I tried to balance both of them. Eventually we got better up until the evening. Trying to put Bernie to bed while the other was crying, was like adding petrol to fire. Bottom line is that we ended up sleeping at 11:30 p.m.

So far, I am living a day at a time. My goals are set the night before. We declutter as often as the babies are calm. My point is that we are all different. If goals work for you set them. If you lost your baby weight within a day, lucky you. This year I want to love the woman I have become. My number one priority is my little humans not forgetting we cannot pour from an empty cup. It has been mentally and physically challenging being a mum of two but has also been the biggest blessing of my life. I want to do me and what works for me. Do you too. Have a beautiful 2019.

Love and Light

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