One out of 20 one woman photo shoot. Behind the scenes of a blogger

Today was a great day. I had one of the best dates in my recent days. One of those you don’t strain to connect. Those times you just wanna scream to your girlfriends that he is the one. The anxiety was that actual one. After I dropped Bernie at daycare I rushed home to tidy up. I wanted to impress you know. It was a bit hard since we have additional furniture we need to organise. I concentrated on the kitchen but since the ten minute organisation tips, it was a walk in the park. Shortly after my Youtube date was here searching for a parking spot.

Just before he got in, babe called. He had great news. My mother in law had good results from the hospital. She was finally cancer free. My heart lit up. Have you ever prayed for something so bad and then it happens? I genuinely give glory back to God. Oh, one more testimony before I continue with my date. Bernie sleeps a full night. We prayed for him too. I was a sleepy wreck for a year and a half until I decided to contact my prayer partners. Yes he answers prayers.

Back to my date. I have stalked her for a while now. When first I met her on Instagram, I was very excited to see a fellow African vlogger in Denmark. Furthermore, I liked her content. She talks about topics others are scared to address. Blogging in Denmark can be quite challenging as the audience here prefers danish blogs. Anyway, here she is, so elegant but humble. She was bubbly and beautiful. Great conversation and laughter over a cup of coffee and in front of the camera. You need to keep locked for the videos here and here  (Clarackronborg) on 12th Oct, saturday. These are our Youtube channels. I enjoyed every moment with. There was no small talk and gossip whatsoever.

The thing is, the people you hang out with, have a bigger impact on you than you would think. Learn to hang out with people that help you grow. Date men that will support your dreams. Love yourself first. Learn to say no to negative emotions. There are people that will never have anything good to say. Run for your life when you meet such. Life is for the living. It is more beautiful when lived. Motivate yourself. Find what make you tick. My date brought a good version of me out today.

After our endless chats, we both had to rush to pick our babies from vuggestue. I took advantage of the lighting set up and did a one woman photo shoot. Like I set my camera on a timer after which I rushed to pause before time lapse.  I managed at least one or two clear photos. My day ended with making a delicious dinner. I used a recipe I had gotten from my date. It turned out really tasty and moist. I will have to share with you all soon. Bernie liked it so will you.

Nancy Njoka


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