I could not believe it when I woke up today. I am not talking about the snow,no. He slept through the night. In addition to it, he woke up at 8 a.m. My life is back to normal my fellow humans. It is my sincere hope, that we are not going back to misri.  In addition to this good day of the Lord, the skies were decorated with the mystique snow’s hum. The crystal flakes were gliding down silently. The view from my kitchen window was so clean and clear. White blankets of snow was coating the sidewalks. My neighbours were busy shoveling it out. We had our morning conversation with Bernie and decided to have a day in the snow.

My new found friend, Marion, also came visiting. This made it even more fun. It is her first winter so you can imagine. Actually it is kind of my first too as last winter I was indoors nursing the afterbirth wounds.  We quickly got ready in our warm winter jackets, beanies as well as woolen mittens not to mention the winter boots. We were ready for some fun, photos and videos. More so, our smartphones and cameras were fully charged for some insta stories and more so to capture great moments. In fact, this is not a humble brag, I was excited to share the experience with instagram family.

No sooner had we gotten ready than we were already pausing for our first photos outside my apartment. It was fluffy and so clean. Needless to say, it was freezing cold even with mittens on. Our noses were running but we were not bothered. We amused ourselves digging and jumping on it. Everyone was warmly dressed with white snow flakes on the eyelashes. It was absolutely beautiful. I was looking forward to awesome photos.

This is my new found friend. She is a lovely lady.

It was not long after we got to the park before our lips were numb. We therefore decided to go to the nearest cafe and have a cup of warm chai.  There were blankets of snow on my favorites spot, we therefore ended up sitting inside. On the other hand, Bernie slept through the entire trip. We had initially agreed that we would take pictures and go sliding on the snow together. He didn’t. The warmth in his pram was nothing compared to the freezing cold outside. However, we managed to take a few photos with my husband when we got back home.

My beautiful day on the snow ended with Rógvi making sumptuous dinner and watching the latest episode of suits. We thereafter enjoyed Bernie’s tunnel in his play room. I am still looking forward to going out  sliding on the snow with my sleeping Bernie.

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