I am so excited to finally share my to go to bantu knots on twist outs style. I discovered this style after several attempts to achieve a full head short and bouncy curls. Needless to say, I used very minimal products as compared to when I am just twisting out. At first, I was scared about losing so much moisture since it is winter in the West side of the world but then I used pure castor oil to seal it in. Let us get to the main process;

Products used

  1. Wide toothed comb
  2. coconut oil
  3. Pure castor oil 100%
  4. Cantu Leave in repair conditioner
  5. Moisturizer ( I always use water)


  1. I washed my hair after an overnight pre poo with castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Thereafter, I did  a protein treatment which I had postponed for way too long. It is preferable to do the twist on dry hair but since I did not have much time to air dry, I went ahead and applied my cantu leave in conditioner. This conditioner has been so loyal to my hair especially during winter where we have extremely dry air.
  2. Mother duties called before I had started twisting. Therefore, I had a little opportunity to get some water dry. Later that evening, I sectioned the hair and did a two strand twist. (Always use some water in case the hair is too dry to keep it moisturized)
  3. To ensure that the final curls are bouncy and fluffy, I did bantu knots on the two strand twist.
  4. This was on Sunday evening. I therefore decided to have the bantu knots overnight. I used a satin headwrap to seal in the moisture.
  5. The next day was my school day. I unraveled my twists using castor oil and coconut oil to add shine and moisture to my hair. I was not so impressed with the lack of volume, however, I manipulated it using the wide toothed comb. I really loved this look.

NB A tip for the volume is to do the style on dry hair or rather with only the spritz moisture water. In addition, avoid over manipulation of your natural hair as it causes breakage. Moreover, it is not advisable to twist your hair so tight as it also causes breakage. Castor oil is so good to my thick rough hair. You should try it too.



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