I am about to clutter this post with photos, but before we get there, allow me to get a liiitle mushy (). OMG Bernie is two years old. It feels like the other day I was sharing my labor and birth story. Somebody get us some champagne please, we just conquered the second year of parenting and managed to still have him alive. He is a really good and compassionate child. He hugs other kids when they cry.  His kisses light even the darkest winter day. Okay let’s get to the party.

It’s January 13th 2018. Exactly two years since the false labor alert.  Today my heart is beating faster. I am filled with so much joy and gratitude. Being a mom is literally life changing. It has changed my thoughts and my view of life in general. It has given me purpose. In my former life, I would stress a lot over this day. On the contrary, I am calm, collected and happy. It’s my baby’s birthday after all. I am the first one to get out of bed. Shortly after, Bernie joins me and we enjoy a bowl of oats together. Thereafter, I give him a long bath, has lunch, gets him dressed and off we go.

We have rented out Osram Huset indoor playground in Nørrebro. It is a great space for our family and friends who will be joining us and most importantly for Bernie because it holds his favourite play equipment. It is a great place for winter baby birthdays. At about 11.00, we take off to the venue where we join Turid, my sister in law together with Omma and Abbe in decorating the venue. Luckily Bernie sleeps so there is more time to get everything done. The party is set to begin at 1.00 p.m which means our guests have started arriving. Instead of us stressing over our incomplete venue, we gladly ask them to help out. This helps to blend in our guests ().

Two hands are for sure better than one. I am sorry for making you my dear guests blow your lungs into the birthday balloons (), it turned out colourful and beautiful. I wanted colour because Bernie represents colour in our lives. He is our sunshine and the love of our lives. Shortly after we set the tables with homemade everything save for the cake man. Everything is so beautiful. One more thing, I love Danish birthdays. There is no stress at all. All you have to do is have a couple of cakes, bake boller ( bread buns) and heat some hot chocolate. We also topped it up with fruits and a pasta and ham salad. Perfect and stress free. Our guests seemed to enjoy.

The kids had a blast too. The venue being an indoor playground, it came in handy with all the mattresses and toys to keep the kids entertained and happy. Bernie had a blast which was the most important thing. Unlike many two year old, I am grateful that we did not deal with any tantrums, even after he had a fall, he gathered himself together and was not ready to waste the day. He was back to the play area in no time.

I am so grateful to everyone that made Bernie’s second birthday a success.


Enjoy the photos



The cake man
The cake man



Thank you Turid for the delicious cake
Thank you Turid for the delicious cake

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