I just had nice long shower. It was not instant. They do not call them instant here. When Rógvi was sharing his Kenyan experience, he mentioned of how strange it was that we used instant showers. I could not argue or rather correct him. It is just shower. warm shower. It is not like one […]

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I could not believe it when I woke up today. I am not talking about the snow,no. He slept through the night. In addition to it, he woke up at 8 a.m. My life is back to normal my fellow humans. It is my sincere hope, that we are not going back to misri.  In addition […]

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The villager in the West

September 25th 2015, we all leave our leafy suburb of Jamhuri estate near the leafy side of Kibera,yeah Kibera slum has a leafy side. its called Jamhuri park near Kibera 42. very thin line between the leafy jamhuri estate and the 42 Kibera yet a very big difference. Jamhuri estate is surrounded by flats,maybe i […]

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