It is about six months since the great news.. I remember our reaction was just laughter. We stared at each other and exchanged our congratulatory messages and continued to laugh. I remember asking my husband if he thought it was too soon.. Previously, we had joked about it but actually didn’t think of being pregnant […]

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I am about to clutter this post with photos, but before we get there, allow me to get a liiitle mushy (). OMG Bernie is two years old. It feels like the other day I was sharing my labor and birth story. Somebody get us some champagne please, we just conquered the second year of parenting […]

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    Bring in a cup of tea and some digestives I share some sauce. There is a lot I am grateful for so far. So today we were driving Marion to her place and we started conversing about the ‘normal’ life we lived which is now funny. I don’t think you get what I […]

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