Chipo mwitu

My husband has been off duty since Thursday. Actually he has been off since Tuesday. He had a doctor’s appointment which turned out to him having to take a bed rest. This is beside my point here. Last weekend was his birthday. The night before the big day, we decided to leave our little man with our parents and go have a couple’s time together. It was lovely. We had a chance to spend our night differently holding hands again like when we were dating as well as laughing out loud along the streets of Copenhagen without the fear of waking the sleeping baby. It felt like teenage days. We had a chance to connect with our youth. Moreover, we visited a chipo mwitu  joint. Here It is known as a burger joint. It was all about connecting with our youth days.

The events of Friday night reminded me of my campus days. In fact, it was nostalgic. I am sure you all remember that joint where you all gathered for fast food before going out. For those who schooled around Ngara/Parklands Stima plaza vibandas,  was our favorite joint. Do you remember the pilau  mama? We had one who had fake pilau and one who had the real one. As for  chipo mwitu,  am not sure what we had at  Engen and Windmill  qualified to be called so. They seemed quite classy. They costed a fortune. Can you imagine lunch for  150/=  for a broke campus student? There was also  Sonford where we gathered before going for a rave and after. Half of the french fries from there were black in color.

Chipo mwitu is a slang for french fries from the forest. I am not sure how this name came to be. Probably it is from the environment the delicacy is from. It could be from the roadside to shanty huts. Do not get me wrong? Whatever spice or special ingredient added to these fries, it should be shared with some five star hotel chefs. These things are damn  delicious. You have the option to have them rare, medium or well done. Crunchy (well done) was many people’s preference.

We left the house at about 7.30 pm. We were both starving for both food and each other’s company. No sooner had we left the apartment than i felt i was not comfortable in a dress. We had to rush back for a change into some denims. It was just like the old days. The only difference was that before, we used to rush back in for me to put on a shorter dress or a higher heeled stilettos. Times do change. Anyway, i put on my white jeans pants and white top which was complemented by my blue stripped blazer. Do you remember it?   I can finally rock it. I did not forget my kiondo.  It looks so good in the summer.

Anyway, we set off  to our date night. I had no idea where we were going to eat from. All i knew was that we were going for a rock concert after dinner. Eventually, we alighted from the train at the main train station. All along, I thought we were going to a fancy restaurant since it was a pre birthday dinner remember? Furthermore, i have never seen my husband go to a mwitu. Honestly, he is very choosy and classy. We strolled down from the train station with our hands locked together of course. It was breath taking. I felt like a teenager who was still crushing or rather in some young love. We did not care about anything.

It felt like we were acting the Romeo and Juliet.  We passed many restaurants. Some were so romantically beautiful. Candle lit and happy couples peeped through the window panes. I waited to get into one of them in vain. We arrived into some dingy burger joint, after a short walk across the restaurants .  There was a sophisticated sea food restaurant on the opposite. To my surprise, we got into the most crowded burger joint.

 I have never doubted his love for burgers. However, i never imagined him going to such a place. The joint had only four items on their menu. All of them were burgers.  Luckily, there was sitting space outside. We squeezed our way through to the counter where we ordered from. It took the chefs  about five minutes to get our burgers ready. We secured a sitting space close to the counter so that we were able to hear our names yelled when they were ready. There were more toppings on the counter. We therefore stuffed our burgers to our liking.

This cheese burger was the best I have had.  I could not help but take photos of the joint. The only difference between this joint and the ones back at home was that it felt so safe. The customers who flocked in had their big iphones at hand with no worry of being tracked by pick pocketers.  It was a beautiful moment for us as a couple. I look forward to visiting the joint again someday.

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