First Time Flying

IMG-20150225-WA0001We did not even sleep, I mean it was the real last day in my flaty Suburb before flying off. Am not sure it was excitement, anxiety maybe. I even repacked my luggage. I had a beautiful big suitcase my brother had gifted me, thank you Tony. Well what i did not know is that the suitcase was overweight, what was i carrying anyway. My beautiful fashionable dresses from my main markets in Nairobi, gikosh, toi and ungwaro, oh how i miss you my loves. Sadly i have never put any of them on. No one briefed me about the zero degrees in the Scandinavian.

Why am i so wordy? wordy, really, hehe. So the next day, the D day, I just chilled waiting for the evening. At around 6 o’clock we left for the airport. I was not honored with a car convoy this time. I was only accompanied by my father and mother, in my cousin’s car and my childhood best friend, thanks Dee Kirebu, and an uncle of mine. Not much traffic as it was on a Saturday. No much crying either.

I went through those mysterious doors for the second time. I don’t know if you have ever wondered why escorts are never allowed through them. wait!’escorts’. Really, anyway am sure you get what i mean.

You will not believe I forgot my shoes on the conveyor belt this time but I remembered my kiondo though. I realized I was bare feet when i found my heaven sent lady but why didn’t i ask her name? Lets call her Amanda. I like the name Amanda. If I am blessed with a daughter i will definitely name her Amanda. She found me first and reminded me i was bare feet. She brought my shoes, God bless her beautiful soul. Checking in time.

So i land myself to a much not liked luggage attendant, are they called so? my beautiful suitcase weighed 2 kilos more. She most likely read it on my face that i was naive in this flying industry. She was the boss.’You cant go with this,’ she said. I did not have a hand luggage, i actually told her to count my hand luggage in the excess,am i even making sense?

What is the deal with luggage and airports anyway? Don’t they all go in the same plane?

Since I did not want to wash my dirty linen in public, (i cant believe i just used a proverb!), I rushed out and got a plastic bag to put my excess luggage and Amanda was there to help me.  I dug in to retrieve my beauty products which i thought added the most weight. She was quick to explain to me about the next check in point where they will take anything liquid i had. This airport thing, how will my cleanser affect a flying plane? will it magically mix with the jet fuel?

I had to put my beautiful clothes in a plastic bag and tied with a kanga. I actually thought I looked fashionable until i landed in Europe looking like a zebra from the Nakuru Nairobi highway, so very striped. My kanga was black and white striped while my jacket was white and blue stripped I will tell you more about that next time.

Who discovered the moving stairs? Join me in my next post where you can read about the escalator experience, boarding and landing at Brussels and later on at Copenhagen.


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