Here is a glimpse into our morning routine. Bernie is our alarm clock. Most times he rings at around 6.00 a.m On a lucky day, I am able to snooze him for about an hour or two. Babe wakes up and gets ready for work as we utilize the snooze time. He kisses us a morning kiss and heads out. At about 7.30 a.m, the second alarm ring. This one is unsnoozable. Literally. He wakes up on 100. Like he goes straight to his bike after which he comes back to pick me out of bed. My eyes are so disobedient but his hands are persistent. I get up and head to the kitchen for some breakfast which is very simple,just a bowl of oats and milk.

We  head to the living room where we eat our breakfast from. We sing, play, tickle and sometimes, he eats my oats. There is something fascinating about my metallic spoons. Nowadays I use the plastic baby spoons to cut down the competition. After we are done with our breakfast, I clear the table and sneak to the bathroom while he watches news. Yes, he wants to catch up with the current issues.

I have no time to draw my eyebrows in the morning. It is in and out of the bathroom. Shortly after, it is his turn. I bath him every other day except during the summers where its daily. He loves the baths. We sing and play until he is ready to leave. I have a confession,a weakness. I want him looking sharp all the time. Any other parent like me here? Don’t lie. Anyway, I finally get him dressed and ready for a cup of milk. I usually pair this with a fruit.

At about 8.45 a.m we leave the apartment and head to the daycare. I can’t believe how well is coping already. He waves me bye. He is such a bubbly, happy and caring baby. When another baby cries, He walks to them and hugs them. His morning routine at the day care entails singing and the 10 o’clock snack and more play. I head back home, do some workout, check my social media and websites and then start my day.

How is your morning routine? share with me on the comment box below.

Nancy Njoka


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