I barely post him on social media. He doesn’t like publicity but today, LET’S PAUSE and CELEBRATE HIM. This kind hearted man I call my husband brings so much joy and light in our lives. His best moments are spent indoors with family (us) and friends. Last Sunday we celebrated his birthday or rather I got him to. He is a minimalist who doesn’t consider birthdays an achievement. This last birthday, however, I got him out of his comfort zone to celebrate another great year of his BIRTH, JOURNEY AND LIFE.


He is so gentle and caring. He cares for everyone else before him. Bernie is lucky to have him as his dad. His love for us is unquestionable. I took the photo above on Saturday during our ever refreshing family walks. How handsome is he though? After a long walk we found ourselves starving and therefore decided to go for pizza. We love some good Italian pizza, some calories you know. It was the pre birthday lunch after all. This was the restaurant of our choice http://www.pizzeriamadeinitaly.dk/





Sunday felt special. I wanted my husband to feel special on his day. He does the same for everyone else on their special days. Therefore I got up early and made him his favorite snack mandazi. Afterwards I baked him the famous Danish bollers. A simple tip for those aspiring to marry Danes, they celebrate their birthdays so simply, by just eating the boller and the chocolate milk at 3 p.m.


Rógvi is the most loving dad. He is not  a weekend dad. Sometimes his job is demanding but he still avails himself for us. There are days I am not at my peak and he comes through. From doing laundry to cooking to changing and feeding Bernie. He is still in the process of learning how to give the baby a bath though. In our home, there are no roles for men and others for women. He will run after Bernie when he is soaking in wheat flour and laugh about it. See..I was rolling on the floor when he asked me to capture this moment.

Later on that day we had our friends over where we shared a nice dinner made of rump steak, baked potatoes and pilau. It was a great day just as Rógvi had asked for.





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