It has been three and half years since I moved to Denmark. Three freaking years. Do you remember my first post about flying? It has been a journey of discovery and lessons. When I go back to my old posts,I am shook that I wrote all that. I managed to embarrass myself quite a bit. Well it is part of the journey. Not only have I grown older since relocating but also learnt a few lessons from living with the Danes. If you like you can call me kaDane.Shade.

Lesson one; Hygge

The Danish culture is based on this social concept of ‘hygge.‘ It simply means to cozy. The Danes like to cozy and enjoy the things they have with people they love. Hygge is a concept of togetherness. For example during the dark winters,they like to cozy in and light candles while spending time with close friends. It is a concentrated feeling of bliss with the closest friends and family. I have eventually embraced this culture and often times I am telling Bernie that we are going home to ‘hygge sig’. I enjoy lighting candles during winter, enjoying a glass of rosé during summer and basically relaxing and being content with what I have.

Lesson two; Keeping time

If you want to piss a Dane, please get late for an appointment. They are great time keepers. I have struggled with this for some time but it has gotten better. Where I come from, we are not so good at keeping time. We tend to blame it on traffic jams and just anything. One tip, if you think you will be late, let the person waiting know before you are and for how long they should expect to wait for you.

Lesson three; Minimalism

Danish design is very minimalistic. So is their way of living. With time I have found myself having only the things I really need in my space of living. More space allows room for living.

Lesson four; Money management

I have learnt that spending all my money to live extravagantly is actually stupid. Danes have a saving culture. It is not a surprise to find a Dane with just one winter jacket because they actually don’t need more than one. They would rather save the money and pay for a summer vacation. They buy what they need and are not obsessed with things like driving bigs cars or living in some big mansion for status quo. In fact Danes would rather give half of their salaries in taxes and in return get functional social systems.

Lesson five; Setting realistic expectations

This does not mean not dreaming. Of course a girl has to dream but my dreams are more realistic now. I have learnt that the more realistic I get about life the less disappointed I will be and the happier I will be. Simple.

Lesson six; Shaping my surrounding to inspire happiness

The Danes are not petty talkers. I have learnt to shape my surroundings with people that bring the best out of me. My home is also my happy place, so I enjoy keeping it simple and clean for a clear mind.

I have filmed a video where I have talked about all these lessons. Kindly watch and subscribe to my channel.


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