Last Friday Bernie went on his first class trip to the farm. He even gave me an update on how it was and the animals he saw and how they all sound. It’s been that long since we met. Life is good though.  Winter is also over quite early this year. It’s just fair especially after the egg freezing degrees we went through in March. Well, speaking of egg freezing, that did not work in our favour. Mine melted instead to form this little foetus inside me. The journey has been quite smooth so far with no much time to dilly dally like with the first one. With an ever active toddler, a swamp of school projects, a husband, nannyless and other life duties, aint nobody got time to lay down all day.

Maybe I should have started by saying hello to you all but I really don’t know how to reconnect with a long time friend. Do I start by re introducing myself, or maybe a “hey I know you :-)” Then you will give me that awkward look and be like “Do you really?” “You abandoned us like you never cared.” I actually care more than you can ever imagine. In fact, there is not a single day that passes without thinking of you. I missed reading your comments and I saw all your direct messages and even replied. YouTube got me carried away only to realize you are not much of a fan there. You like it here, in our personal space. I also do, can cheat can die. That was meant to be a joke but they all come out dry. Anyway let’s move on.

Living among the the danes can have your friendships take a different turn. So thing is , these beautiful and allegedly happiest people can be quite cold. I call some of my friendships with them, bipolar.I know its a serious medical condition but excuse my French please. However, I don’t how else I would describe a meeting with a fellow mum in the morning, have a great conversation other than about kids and even find out she has been in my country twice. Moreso, she is starting a masters programme as the one I am taking in my college. She goes ahead to loop me in her personal life like her marital separation and the next day I say a good morning to a no response. Welcome to Denmark.

This is just one example. There is this other one who has a kid Bernie’s age and actually are best friends. Some days we will talk about everything, from my exotic hair to the similar foods we eat while other days we will be total strangers. I have adapted to these reactions and changes. Contrary to the above examples, I have met other amazing danes with whom we have built friendships. Copenhagen is a city where you have no idea who lives next door. They call it busy life, minding own business but it is just being cold. However, it is challenging to change who you are, your personality, the genuine smile and warm approach.

I always wear my smile like an ornament and say a big hi to the people I meet often, the mums at the daycare, my familiar neighbours… I don’t care if I get a response or not.

My life among the danes has been a roller coaster but so far so good. One more thing I have been up to is carrying out some research on the Au pair programme in Denmark. There are a couple of the them I have talked to and there is amazing content in the coming days. Stay connected as there will be new articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be a bit of parenting and pregnancy updates as well as short expat life stories.  I promise not to take such a long break again.

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