Have you ever wondered how the men in your life are handling their mental health? Do they ever share with you? Are you observant enough to notice when something is off? As women we tend to be quite self absorbed that we forget the men surrounding us. After my battle with depression, I made it my intention to get involved in my husband’s mental well being.

Some evenings for instance we sit in our living room and just reminisce and laugh about some of the mistakes we made in the past. Some days it is about the cute things the babies. It is overwhelming having two babies and us being a team means fitting into each other’s shoes. We have some good days and some that are quite challenging. Once in a while we give each other a chance to go out and change the environment. It works.

I am still in the process of getting more open with my brothers. Sometimes it is a challenge considering the distance. In fact it breaks my heart that I am not with them through some of their toughest time like one one of them is going through. There is so much stigma associated with speaking up as young African men and I wish we were in a society where no one judged anyone.

Mental capacity among men is quite stereotyped in different cultures. For instance among the African cultures,men are supposed to be “strong” and not share whatever they are going through. Through my research, I have actually found out that it is not only an African male thing.

Our male counterparts actually go through issues too. Ranging from loneliness, egotisms, penis sizes, masculinity discourses and much more. Pay attention to your fellow men without criticising or bashing them. You never know the battles they are fighting.


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