5.00 a.m –

We are woken up by a soft fuss of the baby on her cot next to our bed. I kick my husband to participate in the early duties but that always fails. Eventually I crawl out of the bed with my eyes closed and both boobs out because I can’t figure out which one was fed on last. My bedside table is always hitting me on the way back to bed. 30 minutes later she is fed and I am drolly. Wait! The toddler heard the fuss and he didn’t want to be left out but then he accidentally falls asleep in our bed. I squeeze in and try to to grab my own duvet on my own bed.

6.30 a.m

We are trying to pretend that the toddler isn’t repeating ” please watch paw patrol” a thousand times and the baby has the pee leaked by now and that’s fussing her. We try cuddling with our eyes closed. Neither the pacifier nor the the colorful baby bed snoozes them.

6.45 a.m

I shower the babies with kisses and tickles but eventually they get bored and start to fuss again. The toddler goes in for his morning show while I start my diaper show with the baby. Before I am even done she sores the second diaper which gets all the way to the onesie and sleeper.

7.00 a.m

I join the toddler for breakfast but he has other plans. By this time the husband has left for work and I am a super mom now. I mix some oatmeal with milk and a fruit and sit with the baby as I sing chu chu aa to the toddler to get him to eat. He eventually eats half his plate, yes I am always ambitious which gets me filling up the plate.

7.30 a.m

The baby isn’ t fussing much so I put her on the rocking chair as I rush to dress the toddler for kindergarten. He doesn’t want to get dressed. We chase each other around. I almost get irritated but its morning and he seems to be in good mood. The baby is already bored of being rocked. Hurriedly, I get the toddler to put his own clothes on with the promise of a chocolate. He forgets plus he is not a sweet tooth.

8.00 a.m

The baby luckily falls asleep and I lay her in the stroller and put on ‘ mama moo’ on the tv for the toddler to keep him busy while I take a passport shower and brush my teeth. A very basic one.


The toddler has a banana before we have our heavy winter jackets on.

8.30 a.m

We leave for the kindergarten. I leave the baby sleeping in the fresh air outside while we bond with the toddler. This doesn’t always go well as he always want to go back home with me.

8.45 a.m

Back home. Little princess is still sleeping. I factor in a good cardio and post partum stretches which leave me drenched in sweat. This calls for a second shower but missy is up and needs a feed.

10.00 a.m

I am still sweaty with a baby who isn’ t sleeping yet. Maybe it’s the diaper. On our way to the changing table she decides to add to my drench. She vomits. I postpone wiping the floor where she has vomited and just wipe my cleavage because who cares !!.


Finally she is sleeping. I rush in to shower and do a bit of skincare. Oh I feel brand new.

11.00 a.m

I am having my breakfast while checking out social media. Oh, how many hearts did the last pic get? I edit another one picture but decide not to post it today.

11.30 a.m

She is up. My boobs are already out. We change for the day.

12.00 noon

Go for a walk and call my friends

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