A night in the life of a mum

One of my friends is pregnant. I cannot recall exactly how many times i have reminded her to sleep as much as she can. She has the audacity to ask me why i advise so. I always have one answer, ‘because you need it.’  Of course i understand when she tells me she can barely sleep. I was there six months ago. The tossing and turning until dawn, not forgetting the strange dreams of course. Did i mention the leg cramps and fake pee alarms? I remember i had twelve pillows that never helped a bit. A night in the life of a mum is special. From when she is pregnant to when she brings the little angel to life and there after. It is a journey that you cannot give up on no matter how much you try. Let me brief you about how my most nights are:

21.00 pm

I go back to the dining table to clear up my food after putting my little man to sleep. This is after close to two hours of trying.

22.00 pm

I clear the table and clean up the kitchen, am kidding,well sometimes i do, after clearing my cold dinner.

23.00 pm

I make out with my husband. This is usually after a stupid fight probably over which side in the dish washer the knives should be. This makes me forget all my procrastination including blogging one.

12.00 am

It is supposed to be time to go to bed but am on the computer trying jot something down for my blog post for the week.

12.10 am

I am too sleepy and leave the post at the second sentence. I decide to check my Youtube channel to check if the views have increased from seven. I end up watching one Youtube post  which leads to five of them.

1.00 am

I tip toe to the bedroom. I check on my boys and they both seem sound asleep. This is after brushing my teeth of course and postponing masking my face.

1.05 am

My big boy gets up to cuddle me which is definitely short lived as the little one wants to join in too. I breastfeed him, try to burp, am not sure i manage as we both fall asleep.

2.00 am

Get back to bed after placing the little boy to his crib.

3.30 am

Am woken up by the loudest scream ever. I remember he probably did not burp. So I pick him up, burp him and place him back.

4.30 a.m

Am woken up by that funny sleep cry. It sounds like a cough which progresses to a yell. The yell reminds me that i forgot to breastfeed him the previous time he got up.

5.45 a.m.

We are up again with the little man. This time he is not sure he wants to get up or not. I feed him with my eyes closed. At this time I am deep in prayer for him to fall back to sleep so that I can surprise the big one with an awesome breakfast. Of course those prayers don’t get anywhere as I find myself drooling at 7.00 a.m at the same place.

7.10 a.m

My husband wakes me up from my ten minute sleep. This is after he took the baby at 7.00 a.m. You should see how fast I jump back to bed. He leaves for work and I am left in a zombie mode the entire morning.

I thought my nights would be better after starting the weaning, well I will tell you all about it.


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