We had 20 degrees today. It’s always exciting to feel the warm sun after the 300 days of it just torching. We actually didn’t have much plans except sitting in the sun and enjoying a cold beer. That’s a danish thing when it’s warm by the way. Someone once said that when you go to Rome, do as Romans do. Well, I was looking forward to the cold beer at the yard while Bernie sleeps in the stroller. The day started quite well with us sleeping for eight straight hours. I mean all of us, Bernie included. He has done so three times this week. The day kicked off with us visiting our friend’s friend at the hospital. It was the best feeling I have had in the last week. Seeing her smile and speak with so much energy and positivism got me going low on my whining.

We talked about Kenya, Africa, my interracial marriage, colonialism in Africa among others. Basically the ordinary black and white conversation you know. Health is wealth. A lesson I learn’t. Thereafter, we headed to a place called Hellerup and had our lunch. The long awaited øl udenfor ( beer outside) was finally coming through. With the summer ish weather, I felt like being extra with my dress code. I have been so preserved since motherhood happened but I feel like it’s time to let go. So I let go with this short white summer dress from H&M and above the knee boots from ASOS. The hair was by me. I shampooed it yesterday and did twist out with Bantu knots on the ends. I used CANTU CURLING CREAM and COCONUT OIL AND VOILA!


Our lunch was delicious. The beer was just beer on the terrace. I filmed, interacted with my husband, Bernie and my friend Marion. Afterwards, a Kenyan friend of mine I met through my YouTube channel https://goo.gl/1ff9iw called to inform me that she was in Copenhagen. It is always great meeting my readers and viewers. Luckily, she wasn’t too far from where we having our hygge. It felt so great meeting my home girl. In fact she is from my home area back in the village. We go back a long way. She was so kind to bring me some green bananas for Bernie. Meru kid’s staple food is gitwero (mashed green bananas). Finally, I will get to try it with Bernie especially since I am already out of the mung beans (ndengu).  Bernie was not the only one who was gifted.


She has a lipsticks line called http://www.joybeautystore.com/. I got two lipstick shades that I am so excited to try. I look forward to telling you all about it. On such a beautiful day, I enjoy capturing beautiful moments in photography and filming. Later in the day, we went home and retouched my make up to go for a mini shoot with my friend. No sooner did we get downstairs than her boyfriend’s parents came. We ended up bonding and sharing beautiful time together. The lady is unwell but she was so positive and energetic. It is always great to meet new people. We end up learning a thing or two from them.

In conclusion, remember this life isn’t a competition. We have different timelines. Someone else’s dawn may be your dusk

By Nancy Njoka



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  1. Hi am jane am in copenhagen and am really liking all your updates in your blog in the day today life and hope may be in future we could meet and have coffee am from kenya

    1. Hi Jane thank you. That will be nice. Could you please me on my facebook?