She packed her few clothes in readiness to leave. Her mother was there  watching . She  could not believe that she was leaving. After twenty something years with her, she just decided to leave. ”Why this time?” she wondered. ‘couldn’t she wait for a wedding ceremony like my neighbour’s daughter?’ ‘God, why me?’ Those must […]

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It started on the 13th. I could not sleep. I tossed and turned, counted my father’s sheep, built mansions and still morning wasn’t coming. It was during winter in the west so the dark hours were longer. There was an inconsistent wave of pressure and pain through the night. At this point i was 10 […]

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This is the West

Cycling in the West

This reminds me of mwisho wa kosa, my swahili literature book in Form four and Monica who had visited America and all she would talk about was America. Monica don’t worry, i can relate. West is a compass point, the opposite of East. That is the only thing i heard from my Geography teacher about West. […]

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