Bring in a cup of tea and some digestives I share some sauce. There is a lot I am grateful for so far. So today we were driving Marion to her place and we started conversing about the ‘normal’ life we lived which is now funny. I don’t think you get what I […]

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Taking Stock January-2018

Hello. Are you all still here? Have you missed me like I have missed you? Happy new year. It’s been a while since I was here. I spotted taking stock from this is ess and there was no better way to start my year. Let’s take stock. Making Great plans for 2018. This year I will be […]

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Au pair means on equal terms. it does not mean a maid. Subjectively speaking, it is a cultural exchange programme. On the contrary,the programme creates a kind of dependency whereby the au pair is wholly dependent on the host family. Furthermore,the host family has to pay her some pocket money (4150 DKK). I have had the […]

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