We have been planning to go Tivoli for a while now. It is the only place to be in Denmark during Christmas, well besides CHICKS BY CHICKS. The beauty of Tivoli during Christmas is spectacular. Needless to say, my husband works there which means free entry tickets. It is about 5 p.m and darkness is slowly chasing the sun like a child kicks his unwanted sheets. Suddenly, light showers start to fall from the heavens. It is not what we expected our evening to be at the famous amusement park. My husband is standing by our kitchen window reorganizing the evening plans.

I decide to join him in his quiet space and enjoy our no view view. We hold hands and watch the town houses on the other side of the building, the tiny driveway and parking lot, and the most beautiful moon. Afterwards, we start reminiscing about my crazy chicken pregnancy craving. Thing is, when I moved here, the chicken had no flavour. My hormones could not understand how that is possible. In case you are planning to visit Kenya,the chicken there is definitely out of this world.It is tasty and juicy. I have tried so many restaurant in Copenhagen to no success. Well until my perfect date at CHICKS BY CHICKS.

My husband decides to ask me out on a date on this evening. Actually his way of being romantic is asking me to go paint my face so that we can make it for dinner. Shortly after, I am done with my face crafts and off we go. We decide not to drive since we hope to have one for the road. Going out with this guy always tickles me. I am over the moon at how spontaneous this was considering he plans even for his toilet visits. Anyway, I am the movie chooser for the night. You guessed right, I am so good in so many things but movies aren’t one of them. Therefore, I go justice league.

We head to Fisketorvet mall and pick our tickets. We thereafter stroll down the streets to CHICKS BY CHICKS in vesterbrogade 55. Little do I know that my husband had already reserved a table for two. It is candle lit. CHICKS BY CHICKS is a restaurant with proper meals and not a fast food base. It is tranquil and clean. The tables are however tooclose to each other. We sat close to the kitchen and I could clearly see a replica of chicken porno from Kenya. Needless to say, the Directors of this place are women. INSPIRATION. Chicken wings are the starter here. They are not as crunchy as your everyday wings. They are juicy and deeply flavoured.

Our choice for the day was the Chicks Christmas experience which costs 295 Kr per person. At CHICKS BY CHICKS you can comfortably enjoy your favourite cocktail, a beer or even a glass of wine as you wait for the food. It being Christmas and a tonne of clay work on my face, I go for the chicks orange crush cocktail. It is delicious. The only downside for me was that it did not come with a straw. I like keeping my matte lipsticks matte. All in all it was great and served the purpose. We giggle and smile at everything like teens. It’s surreal, the date, without a baby.


The main course is grilled chicken with a Santa chick salad and baked potatoes. I am already salivating writing about this. The chicken is juicy and falls apart. It pairs greatly with the potatoes and the the salad dips. It’s savoury. We enjoy our meal until it’s time for our movie date. In fact, we are the last people to leave the restaurant. I retouch my paint and off we head back to our movie hall which is filled with underage kids. Nancy’s choices. In retrospect, I enjoyed the movie. Afterwards we head for desserts and our one for the road. It’s almost 2.00 a.m already and I am done.

I was young but now I am younger and wiser. we hoped in to a taxi and head home to our little champ. That was my perfect date at the CHICKS BY CHICKS. I give the restaurant 4 out 5 stars. In case you are in Copenhagen and like a good chicken like I do, you should definitely go there.

Love and Joy

Nancy njoka


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