These promises of blogging three times a week are becoming too empty. I need to try harder but my organisation skills are zero, My managers defocus me. When I start my Monday mornings, there is always a weekly plan. For example, let’s reflect on the previous week.

Last Friday a time like now, at 10 in the evening, I was in an apron collecting glasses and plates from guests in an event I was waitressing at. The guests smiled and were generally enjoying the service. My bank account added a plus on this particular night. For seven hours, I was moving up and down forcing a smile through the pain. See, pregnancies are different. I am so happy for this one. However, it has had its own share of challenges. While with my first pregnancy I did not suffer from painful, swollen ankles and feet, with this, it’s the climax. Besides the physical pain, I had to deal with rude, bossy, drunk danish teenagers. Luckily, I am a mother, patience is natural. Anyway I managed to do my hours.

Saturday. It was disaster. I felt so tired I couldn’t feel your body anymore? Despite the pains, the little manager pushes without giving up. This took me to the playground for an hour. Such Fulfilling times. He had his morning nap while we embarked on cleaning the apartment to get it ready for the viewing the next day. Oh yeah, we are in the process of selling it. I am really blessed to have my husband in my life, a guy who supports us in everything including house cleaning. The epitome of the day was to prepare baked spaghetti for my boys.

Sunday. Tomorrow is always a better day, hold on the faith. It was time to get ready for the exams that awaited me  the following week. It was overwhelming. Too much to cover within a very short time. The guilt of ignoring the junior manager wasn’t helping the situation. Needless to say, my senior manager had indicated the viewing to take place at 10.30 a.m instead of 11.30. Well, let’s say the potential buyers walielewa. Good news, one of them accepted the offer, hurra!!

Monday. exam reality hit. I literally sat my pregnant self down from 9.00a.m to 10.00p.m. The news of my friends and classmates getting very low grades in this particular exam did not help. Its like my intestines were  being twisted and emptied and then refilled with butterflies. After all the exams I have done in my life, this was getting me sick.

Tuesday. It was the I was up by 6.a.m for a 1500 p.m exam. Luckily most of my colleagues did not make it so I ended up going in an hour earlier than indicated. I was surprised to actually do so well in this paper. This gave me the rest of the afternoon with the junior manager. My most fulfilling times are the ones spent with the boys. Irreplaceable.

Wednesday. we were back at it again. This time, it was group work which meant meeting to sum up our project and presentation. Again, I am so blessed to have amazing people in my life. This group was just the best. Calm people with a common goal of a good grade. That is exactly what we got on today, a good grade. Don’t even ask about Thursday, it was the reason for the last good grade.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be back to work, vlogging and later a work/barbeque  afternoon with family at a friend’s place. Does that statement even make sense? That is how complicated my life is lately. Besides the blessed person’s problems I have. all is great and I hope to do better this coming week with the videos and posts on our happy place.


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  1. Great read as always…Pray tell,do you get to know the results of the exams you have done on the very same day?

  2. Thank you for reading. Yes for the oral exams you get the results immediately