It is about six months since the great news.. I remember our reaction was just laughter. We stared at each other and exchanged our congratulatory messages and continued to laugh. I remember asking my husband if he thought it was too soon.. Previously, we had joked about it but actually didn’t think of being pregnant while my toddler is two. We kept the great news to ourselves, for at least three months anyway. We revised our yearly plans which included finances.. Three months later, we decide to break the news to our friends and families. My mom jubilated (the kenyan way.. ariririri… May God continue blessing you my children). This comforted our hearts, our worries.

Thing is, I had just started my Masters, and gotten a grasp of part time jobs. Life and future was promising and now I am pregnant again. There  was this feeling that I always have a way of spoiling things for myself, playing victim maybe.. As if this was not enough, I shared the news with my cousin in Law and her congratulatory message was…… “That was soon!!!” My pregnancy did not like her since then.. Her words kept ringing a bell in my head… pregnant too soon..

Don’t get me wrong. We actually planned for this, together we decided that this was the perfect timing so that I would not have another gap year. It was a strategy to utilize the opportunity and kill two birds with one stone. Get a degree and a child at the same time. We discussed the challenges we would face especially since we don’t have our families living with us for that extra hand. However we let petty comments get into our heads.

Putting it up on the internet was received with mixed reactions… “but you just started school…” The temptation to be rude was high but the joy inside my heart overlooked all that. Some very important people in our lives did not even say a word despite us organising this surprise to break the news. We were ready with our camera but that footage is just private.. jokes on us. Recently, we sat down to reflect on the journey and we realised that this pregnancy has strengthened our bond. It has been a proof that marriage is between two people and any other person you introduce in our joys is a third party. Our joy, happiness and priorities are not everyone else´s.

In any case, who sets this clock about when a woman should get pregnant? The gap between the children is your choice. Whenever you are comfortable, go for it. My two cents!!!!

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