My evening routine begins at 1500hrs. At this time we set foot in to pick the toddler from bornehave (day-care). By we I mean myself and the eight month old baby girl. We have been doing this since she was two weeks old. During this summer Bernie’s daycare has been closed for holidays. This means that he and other kids have to be placed in another institution, about 2km away. I have set up a routine for the pick up.

  1. I ensure that my son feels my presence when I arrive at the daycare. Whether I am holding the baby or she is left sleeping outside, I give my son a hug and a tight kiss. This is important for both of us, to recreate his trust. It allows him to fall back to safety and relieve all the emotions he has been holding all day. I mean it must be tough having to exercise complicated social skills for about 7ish hours especially for a three year old.
  2. The second item in my pick up routine is a snack. After the hug, he always asks if there is something in the little sister’s stroller. Now that I am still on maternity leave, I alternate between a toast bread which he loves, a watermelon or a homemade bun. The reason why this routine is important to me is because, first it is a long ish walk home and second, it elevates his mood to wait for the dinner. We also avoid those hangry-tudes situations.


The snack is a mood booster. So is him seeing the baby sister. We get into a deep conversation about how his day was. I engage him by asking persistent questions, mostly to keep him awake. It goes in the lines of ‘So Bernie did you have a good day? What did you eat for lunch? Gik du i tur i dag? Did you use the train? What did you see? Who did you play with? Are you tired? What did you do ? What did you play with? and so many others.

Besides keeping him awake, he is able to transition from Danish language to English quite remarkably. I am so intentional about him mastering our four languages. Some days are tougher than others. For instance, he seemed more tired today. We therefore had to make a few stops here and there, even sit on the rocks and the grass. I have enough patience to accommodate his pace. We stop, hug, snuggle and even converse more. Other days he is still full of energy and wants to pet dogs being walked in a nearby park as well as say extended hallos to the dog walkers. Bernie is a people’s person, an attribute that makes him stand out and be known and liked by everyone he comes across.

When he is so tired to walk, he mostly chooses to stand on his bump rider that we got from https://www.babysam.dk/universal-staabraet-black-onesize or sit in front of the Cybex stroller we have for Makena. This routine is so important to maintain calmness for later.


It takes us about an hour to get home. At about 1640hrs we are home and for some reason my boy recharges and gets on exploring his toys. I interpret this as the same way as an adult needs to unwind after a long day at work or at school so is a child. He needs to shed off the energy from the daycare and recollect in his safe haven. You know like adults go for a run or the gym. We sit in his room and build legos or tickle around. Currently he plays so well with his baby sister and I cant with all the cuteness. We sit in until my husband makes his commute back home. At this point one of us takes up the dinner routine unless we are having rye bread.

Meal time is always a great time, at least for the first five minutes. It is challenging to keep a 3 year old entertained by his food for longer. We therefore switch up our foods a lot to keep him entertained.


Our bedtime are quite simple nowadays. We brush teeth, take vitamins and wish each other a good night. My husband always puts Bernie to bed unless he is travelling and I put Makena. It is easier for the toddler since he is so exhausted after his long day. On the other hand, Makena still needs tender, love and care. She eventually falls asleep.


This is a time I dedicate to me. The routine mostly is that I edit a video or write a blog. Most days we just snuggle, eat dessert and watch a TV show.

How is your evening routine like with kids?

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