I missed you all so much. One month break felt like an eternity. I missed creating content on my blog.  It has been about a year and half since I started it and throughout this period, I have had a loyal team of supporters. I missed reading your comments. Where have I been?

For the last three months I have been frustrated with my blog. When I first began writing in March last year, the intention was to let out my culture shock frustrations as well as the post par tum depression I was going through. I was not a very good writer,nevertheless, it helped me through a tough period in my life. From April this year, I developed a feeling that, that phase had passed. There was an urge to start over.My old blog felt like it had lost its voice and the idea of it. It was a hope-dodge of all manner of thoughts.  I wrestled with what to write about. I also struggled to retain  dedicated readers.

In June I decided to take a break and put some love on my blog. To start over. I received a couple of messages and suggestion regarding the same. Some of you suggested that I should do fashion. As much as I love a good style, a fashion blogger was not my cup of tea. In addition, I think it is so demanding and sometimes expensive. Moreover, innovation and diversity is what I wanted. I had branded myself as a lifestyle blogger. Barely did I have an idea of what it entailed.  I embarked on a research journey to learn more about this world.

Fast forward, I have rebranded my categories to cover everything my readers would love to read. I am a firm believer in self re inventing. Change is inevitable. More so, progress is impossible without change.  Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Stephen Hawking 

This blog will cover more than my villager stories. There will be topics on beauty tips, food, lifestyle, travel and everything relating to human interest and matters affecting the World around me. I intend to continue pursuing my vlogging passion. Over the last couple of months, the channel has been thriving with so much growth in it. I have a lot of ideas and you will see them with time. Without your support this blog will not be here. I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. Welcome not so much into the vlog but here,I will follow to the end.