The day we had awaited for a long time was finally here. Little did we know we would end up being stranded in Europe and delayed somewhere in Asia. We were flying from Copenhagen to Nairobi with a three year old and an 8 months old. After watching endless hack videos and buying all that was suggested, the day was finally here. I had started preparing for a month. There was not so much to do on the day as I had packed almost everything beforehand. I spent the day packing up our carry on bags and cleaning up so that we could go back to a clean home. We set off at about 7.30 p.m. It was about three hours to our flight. All was well.

At about 8.30 p.m the check in was opened. Rógvi went to queue to check in for us. No sooner had he gotten close to the counter than he realised one of our passports was missing. We could not believe it. We turned our bags inside out hoping to miraculously find it. It was not there. He quickly took off to take a cab back home. He ran faster than a Kenyan while carrying our Bernie. On reaching the cab section, he realised that he could go for a temporary passport from the police station that is located at the airport. yes that is possible in Denmark, everything is possible in Denmark.

Just when we thought we had gotten a quick fix to our problem, Qatar airways and the Kenyan immigration had different plans for us. Apparently, our temporary passport could only fly from Copenhagen to Doha. After that, my son needed a refined visa to leave Doha and to enter Kenya. All this process took about three hours. As you can guess, we could not be allowed to check in at this time. Needless to say we were flying with a couple of my in laws. At about 11p.m we left for home and my in laws checked in to the hotel.

The next morning we got up surprisingly relaxed and drove to the borger service center. This was to get Bernie’s original passport validated. What happened after the issue of the temporary passport was that the old one was annulled. We therefore had to go get it re validated. We spent the rest of the day rebooking our tickets and getting ready for the flight for the second time.

The flight was actually great. We arrived at Doha, Qatar at about 6 a.m. Everything was working great up until it was announced that our connecting flight had been delayed indefinitely. We ended up being squeezed in a restaurant for some crappy breakfast with screaming babies. It was horrific. When we thought this was only for a few hours, it ended up being an entire day. I felt so sorry to my mother in law who stuck on a wheel chair for almost 10 hours.

Needless to say, we did not receive any communication from Qatar airways up until 3pm. During this time we tried our best to keep the kids entertained. At about 5pm we boarded for the homestretch to Nairobi Kenya,Africa. We arrived in home at around 11p.m to find our family waiting for us. It was everything for me to meet my siblings and parents waiting after three years of not seeing each other. Hearing my brother shout wamlambez from the crowd was everything. You can watch this on the vlog.


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