Bring in a cup of tea and some digestives I share some sauce. There is a lot I am grateful for so far. So today we were driving Marion to her place and we started conversing about the ‘normal’ life we lived which is now funny. I don’t think you get what I mean. See, sitting in the boot of station wagon isn’t actually funny when it’s the only means of transport available. Needless to say, being transported together with cows and goats in a sand truck (lorry). This doesn’t sound as good in English as it would in Kiswahili but you get the point, right? In spite of this great life I lived before, I am thankful for how far I have come.

This is not even in comparison to my areas of residence. I mean as a person. I have grown both in age, mind, body and soul and I am thankful. There is much more joy in my soul than I ever had. Being a mum has been a fulfilling journey too. Bernie is a bounty of joy in our lives. Motherhood came with one of the biggest challenges ever, post partum depression. It was dark and hopeless. I am grateful for great friends and my husband who saw me through. I am proud of myself for fighting it too.

Family is one thing I don’t take for granted. When I was growing up, I got many friends from broken families and they made me appreciate the gift of a stable family. There is light when you know you have people who will always have your front (hubby haha) and back. I am even more thankful for my amazing in laws. Okay, let me tell you now ( Swahili translation), my parents in law are just the coolest. Have you even watched my latest video? Here is the link. My father in law chauffeured me to work. We missed the google maps a bit but it was a lovely drive.


I am thankful for having a dream family and friends. They are the real deal, the bomb. They have played a big part in helping me to refocus, to find direction and hope again. I will take most of their kind words with through this life. I was sharing with babe about my progress in recovery and it feels like I have been in cobweb and finally I can breath. Planning for Bernie’s second birthday gives me so much joy as well.

There are a lot of things I am grateful for that cannot fit on this piece. All I know is that I have grown as a person and gotten more organised. I have learn’t to  be self disciplined and responsible for my own actions. Keeping time has been a challenge before. I have learn’t to write down my tasks for the day and accounting for them in the end of the same day. I am thankful for the journey so far. This space has also grown and I am grateful to you all who take time to connect.

Finally I am so grateful to be starting my masters degree in February. It has been a dream come true, a long time coming. I am trembling writing this. See, I prayed hard for this one. When I first applied for a master of Laws, some part was not sure that’s what I wanted to pursue. When it was declined, it was like a prayer answered and my second try came through. It is going to be a busy year but I am grateful. I would not have it any other way. I believe I am where I am ought to be at this very moment in life and for that I am grateful.

Love and Joy

Nancy Njoka


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  1. Nice. Congrats Nancy and yes its always good to look back and see how far God has brought us. i wish you the very best in your masters Programme.
    Adusting to the weather but shockingly its not as bad as i thought

    1. Thank you Sarah. The weather isn’t that bad this year, we are grateful. All the best here.

  2. hey nancy…gratitude is very vital in life it keeps me motivated.I didn’t practise it last year but i want to make it one of my resolutions this year.I am so happy for you about the masters degree you want to do.You know as we always say back home when you get an opportunity grab it with both hands.I wish you the very best.I have a question though,do you plan to study it in Danish or English

    1. Thank you Joan. I often find myself saying more thank you to God than please give me. The study is in English.