The villager in the West

September 25th 2015, we all leave our leafy suburb of Jamhuri estate near the leafy side of Kibera,yeah Kibera slum has a leafy side. its called Jamhuri park near Kibera 42. very thin line between the leafy jamhuri estate and the 42 Kibera yet a very big difference. Jamhuri estate is surrounded by flats,maybe i should call it flaty and not leafy,while the 42 Kibera is surrounded by the mabati houses,so mabaty not leafy maybe, which house all types of trades. The flaty residents often shop from the mabaty shops.

So on this fateful day we leave the flaty estate for the JKIA. We leave in a convoy to see off one of the daughters of the flaty resident. She was travelling, to the West, to Denmark. She was accompanied by her closest friends and family who all occupied four five seater cars. We got to the airport after an hour on Mombasa road traffic jam with everyone scared of her missing her flight, well she didn’t. We actually had time to chill out and take photos with her before she checked in, i mean what is a trip to the airport if you can’t put it on social media and ensure everyone has seen ‘at JKIA’. Wait, why is that sentence too long? sorry am not good in this writing thing.

After crying and seeing her off, she managed to enter through those doors where you leave those travelling. Haha, she had never gone past seeing someone off. Well that she is me. I was so tensed and nervous that i forgot my handbag which was a kiondo at the conveyeor belt. I had a small fashionable kiondo from kariokor market. i was feeling all African. Anyway i found it after chilling at the checking in queue for a while. While on the queue there was a beautiful lady that i did not even ask her name, who was so helpful. If it were not for her probably i would have spent my night at the airport. Oh, our flight had been cancelled and she informed me. I was so anxious about all the airport thing that i missed the announcement about the cancelled flight. The aggrieved passengers were taken to the Windsor hotel but i opted to go back to my flaty Jamhuri home one last time.

Join me tomorrow i tell you how the next day went till i landed in Copenhagen Denmark. It gets better.


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