We woke up on a high note despite having one of those nights. My wish was to have a replica of yesterday. See, yesterday was a good day. In fact a very good day. The thing with having a cry baby is that you can get confused about what day it is. Yesterday was not one of those. I did not sprint but I did loads of other things. My blog post from the previous night was booming, there was a Danish christmas recipe video on my channel, baby was very peaceful after a nice warm bath and we had talked with my family from Kenya. This day, was a great one. All the postpartum struggles were inexistent.

Today happened. Oh my God!! It started off well. We were up at 6.30 as usual to see the big brother off the daycare. They played at the play mat and my heart was just melting. Shortly after, baba and big brother were out and little missy was fast asleep. This was the time I decided to start off my day on a high note, by going for a sprint. It was a bit longer than the one on Monday. Let’s thank God for my mum’s babysitting help which lets me do a bit of selfcare. I had a nice warm shower, groomed, had breakfast with her.

At around noon, we got the little missy to sleep so that we could peacefully secure her in the stroller. In case I didn’t tell you, my missy is anti strolling, driving and outdoors in general. So we have found out that if we put her to sleep first the stroll would be bearable. Well, until today. This worked for the first 3o minutes. It was so refreshing strolling in the fresh air. In fact. we even took photos and my heart was dancing seeing my mum so happy.

No sooner had we taken the photos, than the little missy woke up. I get shook when missy wakes up while outdoors. Anxious when she coos because what follows is pure agony. Today was not different except that what has worked before did not work this time around. We always pick her out and take turns to sooth her. Today we had to walk to the nearest mall to do that as it was too cold outside. We got there too late. This missy, wailed and attracted all the attention. Nothing worked.

I was so desperate that I flashed my breasts in the middle of the mall and fed her. I remember mum asking whether I had a light weight blanket to cover my breasts. That did not settle in ny mind. All I needed was for this baby to calm the hell down. See, when you have a wailing baby nothing else matters but her needs. That was me today. It was agonizing. I even loosened her clothes, that did not work either. At this point I was shedding tears out of frustration, mad at mum for no reason as she was taking turn to try her luck with soothing missy.. Finally we went to the filthy bathrooms at this mall and managed to change her diaper.

You guessed right, that did not work either. She even cried louder after the change. At this point we were so desperate we decided to get out and walk hoping the stroller would rock her to sleep. After about ten minutes, she was still crying. The last resort was picking her out of her fancy stroller and rocking her in the middle of winter. This was the time she fell asleep and we peacefully walked home. The lesson I learn’t today is to never judge a mom with a crying child because she is half insane. More so, as for me and little missy, we choose to live indoors. You can give me hints to get her to sleep in the stroller. Until the next post, fill your mind with those things that are good and deserve praise. Love and light


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