Moving abroad is one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Can you imagine leaving the life you have already built behind to start afresh in a new country? I said goodbye to my best friends, siblings, parents and even career. It created a variety of emotions. From excitement to joy, confusion to despair. However, the following tips helped me deal with every one of them. They could help you too:


Do your research on the programs available for expats. You could even try online social groups like MeetUp. You may meet people with the same interests as you. For instance in case of Copenhagen Denmark, there is International House Copenhagen. You will get more than you expect from this building. May it be help with paperwork to learning about Danish culture, networking and meeting new people through Events created by the house to even where to live. In case you are new parents, you can also get information about childcare options. At the International House Copenhagen you will find uncountable brochures for basically everything you need. Furthermore, they have programs like Copenhagen host program. I got to participate in the culture program where I was attached to a local volunteer who taught me a lot about the Danish culture as well as places to go.


It is tough enough adjusting from driving on the left to the right in a new country. Don’t risk yourself having to pay ridiculous fines as a result of not paying for your transport. In Denmark, the fine for not swiping in the Rejsekort is 750 DKK which is approximately 118 USD. This money could go to a better cause if you are just careful. In addition it does not reflect so well on your criminal record.


Google has the answers to your new life’s troubles sister. Make sure to make use of it. In the developed countries for instance, there is free WIFI in almost all the public places. Google the directions around your new home. Check out the affordable restaurants or even some quality second hand furniture from one of the many Facebook groups created for the same. In fact, before you even pack your bags, research about the country you are moving too. It does not hurt to know a thing or two.


Moving abroad can be challenging career wise. However, it could also be an eye opener to pursuing other fields of interest. For instance, there are some fields that are hardly applicable in a country other than your own. In my case, it was hard to practice Law in Denmark. It comes as a long time plan where you need to take an education in the same field abroad. More so, try and find career programs in the new country. In Copenhagen for instance, there is the Copenhagen career program. Here you are hooked with a host in your career field that has been in the job market here to help in job applications as well as guidelines on how to draft a CV in that particular country. Another organisation here in Copenhagen is KVINFO. They offer a mentor program which basically does similar roles as the the career program. Furthermore I participated in ‘my first job’ Copenhagen program where I got to know what the job market is like here. Look for such in your new home and above all keep up hope.


Some people may not agree with this point. However, trying to be a part of the society in the new country makes things easier for you. Learn basic things from the locals and try to adapt to them. An example could be learning the language. In case you are in a country that does not speak the same language as you, speaking their language could be a starting point. The Danes appreciate a lot when you try speaking their tongue. Most important, majority of the jobs available may be in the local language, therefore understanding the language would rank you as a foreigner higher.


An idle mind is the devils workshop. You do not want the devil of despair and depression building sofas in your head. Find something you have always wanted to do but you couldn’t in your home country. My thing was blogging and vlogging. Being on the online space is something I always wanted to do but I did not have enough resources in my home country. When I moved here I saw an opportunity to pursue it and here we are today. When you are idle you may tend to focus on what your life could have been rather than what it can be. You could offer baby sitting for a fee, from it you get the opportunity to perfect your language skills. Do everything available but just keep busy.


You will always need some money. More over, you always need a contingency plan. Moving abroad does not take all the life’s emergencies away. In some countries such as Denmark matters of taxation are very important which requires you to have a bank account.


Moving abroad can be lonely. You lose the comfort of a phone call away best friend to whine to. The homesick is incredible. Every culture shock reminds you of what home could be. There is nothing fun about leaving your comfort zone. Thanks to the internet your mum is only a click away from you. Don’t dump your friends either, they come in handy.


Life can be slower abroad. When you check on your friends, it’s like their lives are sky rocketing. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your journey is your own. Every little achievement will make you feel good, like you are actually progressing. On that note I celebrate over 2000 of you who come here to read my articles every month. I am humbled. Furthermore, the 315 of you on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Celebrate the fact that you have a chance to travel and see the world. Just find something to be proud of. Remember to write them all down and go over them when you are not on your A game.

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