Today morning was a tough one for both my husband and I. It was a day we had to remind ourselves that we were actually not perfect but we are in fact great parents. So last night we found out that we had booked a doctor’s appointment for Bernie for today morning. Needless to say, both of us forgot to put it on our calendars. Now, my husband had an international work meeting at the same time as the appointment. This meant that I would have both kids at the doctors. The thought of it scared me. Truthfully speaking we kind of disagreed about it. Being a scared parent I went bananas about this meeting. One attribute I like about me is that I gather my thoughts fast enough before damage is done.

The morning started off well. I did my morning workouts with my babies watching. Since Makena was not yet fussy, I took the quickest shower ever, thanks to boarding school life.  Afterwards, I had a cup of tea along with crackers which we shared with Bernie. By this time, Makena was not having it. It was about 8:35 a.m which is about her morning nap time. Cutting a slice of cheese was literally extreme sport. Somehow Bernie now wanted butter, nutella  and cheese on his cracker which meant extra work since all this was being executed with only one hand. Makena was twisting, trying to reach out to everything I was holding.

Luckily, I managed to have the tea before the wailing broke. By this time my head was exploding. Bernie was singing and Makena was totally frustrated. So I excused myself from the table to distract Makena while Bernie finished his second breakfast. Little did I know he would switch to gymnastics. He fell. On the other hand, I dressed Makena from the floor which was the only place where she was calm.

Besides all the chaos, I am actually grateful for Bernie’s understanding nature sometimes. He dresses himself nowadays.  He is an actual sweetheart. Amidst all this, I did my brows, put on a light layer of foundation because I actually needed it. All this time, makena was asleep on the carrier.

To cut the long story short, I looked like a composed parent with a twin stroller early enough for a doctor’s appointment. My babies looked well put together and cute as ever too. I mean see Bernie in his ralph Lauren Polo Shirt and makena in her esprit dress… After the appointment we went for boller and milkshake before dropping my boy at the daycare. Do you see how they just make our imperfections and chaos so perfect?

My husband and I had the conversation that our jobs are also important and we should not feel guilty for missing out on our kid’s appointments. I reminded him that he is actually a great dad and parent and he shouldn’t beat himself up about today. As parents, we feel like we constantly need these affirmations. Even when our neighbours question our parenting style because apparently, we do not babysit Bernie with ipad and TV in the morning. As a result, our active Bernie wakes their boys up so early especially on Saturday mornings. Come on please, we live in an apartment building. Furthermore, we feel like we are actually doing great work as parents.

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