I feel guilty for abandoning you for too long. It is difficult for me to start. How does that silent lover come back after a month’s silence? Do they just write a text and say, ‘hello, it’s me.’ Do they have enough courtesy to say I need some loving.  Well let’s assume that’s me, hello, it’s me again, I have terribly missed you. Can you find it in yourself to love me again, to give me another chance please? By the way, I already started school, back to student life. It is quite exciting and challenging at the same time. You know being a supermom to Bernie, attending classes and doing a lot of homework as well as being a happy wife. Oh and us here and on the YouTube channel.

So my first day to attempt going to my campus was like two weeks ago. Needless to say, my uni is in some Bunduz there that I have to take a regional train. You know those universities outside the real city like on those sides of Ronga (Rongai readers)? On this particular day, we are supposed to have some kind of introduction into the Uni as well as being guided through the technical stuff. So after dropping Bernie in daycare I rush to catch a bus to the city. This is my second time visiting the campus. The only difference is that the first time I was accompanied by my husband ( Mr.comfort zone).

Just after alighting from the bus, my stomach decides to chase me. I take refuge in a nearby public toilet. Ordinarily, when I am slaying, I avoid public toilets but today is an exception. I try figuring what I ate the previous night to have it run that fast. Poor cleaning ladies at that place, I tried flushing as much as I could. I shamelessly walk out and head to the underground train station where fate has it that I take the wrong train after a 45 minutes wait. Sis, this train doesn’t stop at my school. An hour later I am in the villages there looking for some fresh milk and live chicken for our dinner.

I manage to catch a second train back to school. The weather is not so perfect today, as usual its freezing and raining. I have this flu too that I think its mother nature punishing me after a good winter night out. To top it all, I haven’t mastered these regional trains yet, so I end up sitting in first class. Well I am humbled by the ticket guy after he scans my travel card and does not match a first class. I do a walk of shame again to the ordinary citizens seats.

Thirty minutes later, I am in school. The course I am attending today is a foundation one. It began one week ago which means I have no clue what’s going on but first, let’s pay the toilet a visit since the door to the foundation course can’t open. It’s another runny one. Finally I manage to get into the building and as you guessed I am a lost sheep among the lions tackling some project work. The supervisor doesn’t help much so I walk out on her. Literally. After waiting for the train for about 30 minutes I realize I am on the waiting track. Well, I am already used to this.

Finally my train arrives and off to Copenhagen again where I decide to go to the nail salon and get my nails done. They end up being over buffered and up to now I am in recovery. Fast forward to two weeks later, I am here and my classes have started. It’s an interesting area of study and I look forward to documenting it with you. Brighter days are ahead. Check the vlog down below and kindly subscribe



                                                                                           Love and light

Nancy Njoka

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