I have been a very bad naturalista. Lazy. This is supposed to be my neglected hair or maybe a bad hair day. It has gotten easier with my husband now. If I uploaded all the hair tutorials I have done with him, I would have won some kind of a gold medal. He knows his way around my head. No really. He can do crotchet braids using a bobbin pin better than your hairdresser. This is not the point today. Let’s talk about this easy protective hairstyle I have been loving.

Have you ever wondered what is under the wigs of those slay queens? Well, I am unveiling mine. It is these simple cornrows. The process is very simple.

Wash day

I don’t have any particular set day for washing my hair. I do it whenever I feel the need to. On an average, once every week. On this note by the way, babe had it hard understanding why I didn’t wash my hair while showering. There was another tutorial. Basically, I pre poo my hair first. I did a video on my prepoo process. Afterwards I go ahead with normal shampooing where I use TREsseme silky smooth shampoo and conditioner. These are great for natural hair and pocket friendly here in Denmark. Once I am done with the general washing, I do a protein treatment every two weeks, otherwise I use the cantu leave in conditioner. I comb it through and by this time my hair is very soft. I seal in the moisture with a mixture of pure shea butter, virgin oilive oil and virgin coconut oil. This brings my hair to moisture heaven.


For this particular style I use heat to dry. However, I use the heat protection spray and just blow the water off my hair so that I am able to braid easily. This takes about 5 minutes and my hair is dry. Blow drying will also ensure the braids aren’t dump which would cause itching underneath them.


Moving to Denmark has made me realize skills I took for granted. Those cornrows hmm… I must say I am proud. They take me less than ten minutes. I use the butter mixture for braiding which makes it so smooth. They last for about a week or rather until the next wash. During this week I moisturize every morning with water and a coconut oil.

Protective hairstyle

The wig. These things are my current holy grail. If you are in Denmark, I could buy for you at an affordable price by the way. Just hit me up on my Instagram and we can arrange. I wash and deep condition my extensions every two weeks to avoid them getting frizzy and ugly. Afterwards,I style them up using the Matas shine serum and flat iron it.

Advantages of a protective hairstyle

  1. It saves time
  2. There is less manipulation on the hair
  3. It protects the hair from adverse weather conditions
  4. It’s low maintenance
  5. Allows the option to try out different hair styles

Managing natural hair in Denmark can be tricky especially when you don’t know where to find what products. I have met with parents to kids adopted from Africa with our hair texture and they have no clue what to do with it. It is my wish that they take time and study our textures and know how to embrace it. In the mean time you may check out my previous posts on the same topic here. Feel free to leave a comment in case you are a naturalista in Denmark and we could organize a meet up.


Nancy Njoka



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