Recently, someone asked me something I have never given much credit to. ” How is it like being black in Denmark?” I paused since my blackness has never been a bother. Reflections. When I was still new in this land, my mother in law was really concerned about how I was fairing, out of care […]

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It is about six months since the great news.. I remember our reaction was just laughter. We stared at each other and exchanged our congratulatory messages and continued to laugh. I remember asking my husband if he thought it was too soon.. Previously, we had joked about it but actually didn’t think of being pregnant […]

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No Person is illegal

A week ago I received a call from a friend of a friend. It was in regard to one of the jobs we do. She wanted a hook up. We spoke and organized to meet up so that I could take her to the address. As we are all proud Africans, she decided to embrace […]

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